关于签证的重要通知 Important Notice about Visa 全体留学生同学



Important Notice about Visa


Dear all international students


Please pay attention to the following matters about visa

1. 请大家注意自己的签证到期日期, 需要办理签证延期的同学务必尽快前往209办公室进行办理。请同学们务必检查居留许可到期时间(2020228号之前到期的同学请于15前办理)。

Please pay attention to the expiration date of your visa. The office will not issue residence permit/visa during the winter holiday. Students who need to extend residence permit (Visa) MUST go to office 209 as soon as possibleplz check your expiry date (if before Feb. 28th, plz extend it before January 5th, 2020 ).

2. 请至少在签证到期日之前提前两周缴纳学费保险费和住宿费(自费生),并及时来办公室申请延期材料,来时需携带:相关缴费收据(自费生)和临时住宿登记表。

Please pay tuition, insurance and accommodation (for self-support students)apply for visa extension at least two weeks before your visa expiry date. Please bring along materials as follow: the copy of the tuition, insurance and accommodation receipt (for self-support students) and registration form for temporary accommodation (students live off-campus).

3. 拿到新签证的同学,或者在校外住宿且住宿地址有变的同学,请及时前往丹桂苑209办公室登记新签证的信息或前往213办公室登记新地址。如不及时将新签证信息或校外住宿地址报送给办公室,学校将视情节轻重,缩短其下一次签证期限或报给武汉市出入境管理局取消其签证。

Students who received the new visa, or those who have changed living address off campus, please come to office 209 (Summer) to register your new information about visa or come to office 213 to register the new address. If you didnt register your new visa information or new address to office, your residence permit will be shorten by CUG or you will be reported to Exit and Entry Administration Department of Wuhan Public Security Bureau to cancel residence permit in the light of circumstances.


International Education College


December 12th, 2019